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As a leading financial services provider, SMOUNT (the abbreviation of "Surmount") helps domestic and international companies operating in mainland China with mergers & acquisitions, private placement, initial public offerings and financial outsourcing services.

SMOUNT, along with the Big 4 accounting firms, is one of the very first registered service providers available in the business resources of Accounting and Taxation recommended by the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce.

SMOUNT¡¯s Unique Vision is to be a reliable financial partner standing alongside its clients for mutual success in the new economy of China. This concept is already incorporated into the daily work of every employee at SMOUNT.

SMOUNT¡¯s Mission is to help companies achieve and sustain great success in
China, easier and faster, with its extensive resources, close government relationships and inspiration gained from SMOUNT's in-depth on-the-market experiences.

SMOUNT¡¯s Core Services range from a series of Financial Outsourcing Services provided to foreign enterprises that first enter into the China market, to different categories of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Initial Public Offering Services provided
to strategic/financial investors who plan to grow up with the booming economic development in China.

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