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As a reliable financial and business partner of its clients, SMOUNT prides itself on being able to solve the complex financial and business problems faced by clients in China with the following advantages:

Best Attitude: SMOUNT deeply cares about client benefits because SMOUNT clearly knows its success solely depends on the success of its clients. As such, SMOUNT people are always easily accessible, willing to listen, helpful and believe in the VALUE of integrity, professionalism, innovation, knowledge sharing, mutual respect and open dialogue.

Proper Position: SMOUNT clearly understands clients¨ business needs, because SMOUNT people have extensive commercial experiences from working as senior management for multinational companies and professional firms. More importantly, SMOUNT positions itself as a business partner, rather than an independent advisor, when working with its clients.

Reasonable Fees: SMOUNT provides high quality services with reasonable professional charges, because SMOUNT focuses on long-term relationships with clients, and thus, is enthusiastic about the optimization of its service structure to share profits with clients.

Extensive Resources: SMOUNT helps clients solve the complex business and financial problems because it consolidates a whole team¨s capability together, rather than one individual, to provide stable and integrated services. Meanwhile, SMOUNT continually updates its professional knowledge of best practices in the market and accumulates a broad network of contacts to keep it always ahead of other professional firms.

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