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M&A Services in China, including but not limited to:

  • Financial / Tax / Human Resources Due Diligence, including assisting clients in the preparation of financial records to meet the criteria of initial public offering, private placement or other specific purposes; and

  • Financial advisory for private placement and initial public offering, including introduction of the most suitable financial / strategic investors to accelerate the business development of companies.

Value to clients

SMOUNT has developed a set of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services to guide you through China¡¯s rapidly changing landscape. Within SMOUNT¡¯s practice, there is a team of dedicated M&A specialists to perform Financial Due Diligence, Tax Due Diligence and Human Resources Due Diligence work. Our solid network of venture capital and private equity firms provides a valuable platform to companies for their private placements.

  • SMOUNT¡¯s Finance specialists, with extensive industry expertise, can tailor their work to suit your objectives with reliable financial information, together with a thorough analysis of the target¡¯s profitability (both past and future), management competence, R&D capability, political constraints and support, plus other critical points noted during fieldwork that may significantly influence your evaluation and future execution of the investment.

  • SMOUNT¡¯s Tax specialists are equipped with both professional knowledge and commercial experience to identify and assess potential tax risks as well as to review the regulation compliance status of the target company. They also provide advice on the tax impact of the transaction and any possible arrangement to minimize the tax impact for the vendor and the buyer.

  • SMOUNT¡¯s HR specialists help companies address the specific HR compliance, compensation benefits, people motivation, and equity issues that relate to a transaction. SMOUNT¡¯s expertise in HR strategy, planning, design, compliance, and communication helps companies address and resolve the issues of changes in order to complete transactions successfully, including the smooth assimilation of employees and the implementation of new business plans.

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