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Position Job Responsibility and Promotion Criteria

Level 1:
Staff Associate

•  Able to accomplish assignments with proactive attitude, reasonable efforts and
   constructive solutions to team leaders;
•  Able to manage own time against budget and communicate with team leaders, 
   other team members and clients to provide better services on a timely basis; and
•  Able to proactively seek ongoing development and feedback on performance and
   respond effectively.

Level 2:
Senior Associate

•  Able to work with team manager/partner to determine and implement the most
   effective approach to accomplish assignments;
•  Able to monitor progress of team members toward completion of work and adjust
   work plan when necessary, meanwhile, developing strong client relationships to
   facilitate completion of the assignment ;
•  Able to prepare initial draft of reports for manager¡¯s review and follow up any
   outstanding issues; and
•  Able to coach less experienced staffs and share knowledge with team members,
   together with effective feedback, to help staffs grow up quickly.

Level 3:

•  Able to set approach to engagements which makes effective use of team members'
   skills and control the progress within budget for assigned component(s);
•  Able to finalize reports for partner/firm¡¯s issuance and help the firm develop a strong
   client relationship, able to facilitate completion of the assignments, service fee
   collection and further business opportunity; and
•  Able to attract, develop, motivate, train and retain group staffs to build up a well-
   prepared professional team to provide better services to clients.

Level 4:

•  As a department leader, able to timely collect information and communicate with
   partners regarding customers' and employees' feedback to identify more business
   opportunities which may optimize SMOUNT service quality, client relationship,
   service structure etc.;
•  Able to work with firm partners to plan and implement SMOUNT¡¯s development
   strategy, including marketing strategies, firm culture development, attracting and
   retaining SMOUNT people; and able to translate these into specific goals and
   activities; and
•  Able to give detailed instructions to in-service managers for their effective
   implementation of firm strategies.

Level 5:

•  Able to bring more valuable clients to SMOUNT with a long run consideration and
   cost-benefit concern;
•  Able to develop and maintain a positive firm culture, and to attract and retain more
   talent working together with SMOUNT for mutual growth;
•  Able to provide a unique inspiration for SMOUNT¡¯s future development to help the
   firm continuously achieve "Clients' Satisfaction, Employees' Satisfaction and other
   Corporate Social Responsibilities"; and
•  Able to help SMOUNT achieve optimized financial performance and identify future
   business opportunities in the market to ensure an ongoing healthy growth of the

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