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Financial Outsourcing, including but not limited to:

  • Accounting Services, including bookkeeping services, contract personnel services (range from accounting manager to CFO), tax handling and negotiation services with government authorities;

    -  Bookkeeping and payroll handling services: with integrated accounting software, SMOUNT services in this regard include preparation of group reporting package as required to fulfill the IFRS, US GAAP standards;
    -  CFO services
    : Senior consultants of SMOUNT can be seconded to help  companies set up necessary financial analysis reports to facilitate management¨s decision-making, build up budgeting systems and internal control mechanisms to better allocate company resources for maximization of their outputs;
    - Accounting restructuring services
    for IPO, M&A, or other specific purposes.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley services: SMOUNT assists companies to set up necessary internal control mechanisms to best meet operational needs, together with first-time preparation of SOX documents, test of controls and remediate procedures;

  • Tax Advisory services: including advice for optimal arrangement to avoid Transfer Pricing issues, and Corporate / Individual Income Tax issues. SMOUNT is especially experienced in negotiation with government authorities for optimal tax arrangements.

Value to clients

  • The combination of professional knowledge and practical commercial experience ensures SMOUNT's ability to fully satisfy clients' demands in an effective and efficient way;

  • SMOUNT's professionalism and independence significantly reduce any possible company risk/loss arising from lack of a qualified financial team, or any unexpected, quick turnover of employees;

  • Keep information confidential; and

  • Most importantly, keep SMOUNT, an experienced consulting firm, always standing alongside you to face and resolve business challenges together.

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